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Ravenswood High School and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Sequoia Union High School District - A Dissertation

Robert Lowe, Sequoia Union High School District, Ravenswood High School
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September 1989
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe
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Full text of Robert Lowe's PhD dissertation on the desegregation of Sequoia Union High School District and Ravenswood High School submitted to Stanford University. The dissertation features 9 chapters: (1) setting the stage for segregation: the founding of Ravenswood High School; (2) conflicts over desegregation, 1960-1966; (3) black power in the Sequoia District, part I: the rise of self-activity; (4) black power in the Sequoia District, part II: toward separate and equal; (5) the decision to desegregate the Sequoia District; (6) the attainment of voluntary desegregation; (7) the experience of black students under voluntary desegregation, 1971-1975' (8) the ambiguous achievement of permanent desegregation: the closing of Ravenswood High School; (9) the irony of recent school reform.

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