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Renee Glover Chantler Interview

Barbara Mouton, Omowale Satterwhite, David Cox, EPACCI, Rent Stabilization Board, Renee Glover Chantler, Joaquin De Monet, Carlos Romero, Stanley Hall, Carl Tagler, Russell Averhart, Goldfarb & Lipman, Gertrude Wilks, Mama Dee Uhila, Sharifa Wilson, Dyanne Ladine, Community Development Institute (CDI), Faye McNair-Knox, EPA Community Law Project, Ruben Abrica
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Sharifa Wilson
Renee Glover Chantler
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Interview of Renee Glover Chantler by Sydney Jackson and Sharifa Wilson. Topics include: going to Stanford University, coming to EPA in 1980, housing issues including rent control, tenants rights and incorporation, Black self-determination, community engagement, economic development, changes in EPA demographics, divisions in the EPA community today, the importance of EPA's cultural vision, EPA's uniqueness, her favorite memory, the Opportunity to Purchase Act (OPA), the impact of racism and others.

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