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Donna & Joe Rutherford Interview

Black Panther Party, Donna Rutherford, Joe Rutherford, St. Francis of Assisi, Bob Hoover, Mrs. Oakley, Ed Becks, Dr. Faye McNair-Knox, Ecumenical Hunger Program
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Jesse Norfleet
Joe Rutherford
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Interview of Donna and Joe Rutherford by Jesse Norfleet. Topics discussed in the Donna Rutherford portion of the video include her journey to EPA, political activism around incorporation, political activism around education including being elected to Ravenswood City School District Board in 1988; elected to EPA City Council in 2000 and issues encountered, crime in 1992, involvement with Ecumenical Hunger Program, One East Palo Alto, gentrification, and community engagement. Topics discussed in the Donna and Joe Rutherford portion of the interview include: Joe's journey to EPA, participation in the incorporation movement, housing displacement and community engagement changes, importance of religion in their lives, the closure of Ravenswood High School and people integral to the history of East Palo Alto.

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