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Color Me Proud: A History of East Palo Alto Coloring Book

Billie Odell, Lester Cooley, Runnymede, Charles Weeks, Ravenswood Elementary School, Nairobi Schools, Ravenswood Port, Rancho de las Pulgas, Cooley Landing, EPA Historical & Agricultural Society (EPA HAS), OICW, Ohlone Indians
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Billie Odell
Sharifa Wilson
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A printed coloring book depicting scenes from East Palo Alto's far and recent past. Covers the Ohlone Indians, Rancho de las Pulgas, Ravenswood Port, Lester Cooley, the Charles Weeks Water Tower and the agricultural community of Runnymede, Greenhouses and agricultural businesses, early modern businesses, schools such as Ravenswood Elementary and Nairobi schools, the diverse people of East Palo Alto, Incorporation, horses, and the City on the Move era. Produced by the OICW printing technology class as a part of a community development project sponsored by YPO Golden Gate chapter. Drawings by local EPA artist, Billie Odell.

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